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Clearinghouse Compliance Solutions


At Nationwide Testing Systems, we are dedicated to simplifying the complexities of FMCSA Clearinghouse compliance. Our expert team offers precise, speedy, and fully compliant drug and alcohol testing services, ensuring your fleet meets all DOT regulations seamlessly.

Why Partner with Nationwide Testing Systems?

Decades of DOT Expertise: With over thirty years navigating DOT and FMCSA regulations, we guarantee your testing processes will be both compliant and efficient.

Clearinghouse Compliance Assistance: Whether for current CDL employees or prospective hires, we facilitate seamless registration with the FMCSA Clearinghouse.

Rapid Results: Experience swift turnaround times for consortium enrollments, clearinghouse registrations, queries, and drug test results.

Nationwide Coverage: Our extensive network of collection sites enables us to support companies of all sizes throughout the U.S.

Competitive Pricing: Our services are designed to fit your budget whether you are an owner operator, or you are managing a fleet of trucks without compromising quality or compliance.

Understanding Clearinghouse Requirements

Every CDL license holder, including trucking companies, CDL drivers, and owner-operators, must register with the FMCSA Clearinghouse. It's essential for employers to conduct queries on CDL drivers during the hiring process to ensure no prohibitions on operating commercial motor vehicles. The annual query is not just a regulatory formality but a crucial step in maintaining safety, compliance, and accountability within the commercial transportation sector. Regular queries help confirm the eligibility of your drivers for duty, safeguarding your company against liabilities in the event of accidents or incidents.

Stay Ahead of Compliance — Avoid Penalties and Fines

Failing to meet Clearinghouse obligations can lead to significant penalties. By partnering with us, you ensure continuous compliance, keeping your operations smooth and secure.

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