Nationwide Testing Systems formerly American Drug Screening Service has been providing drug
screening in Houston, Texas and around the world for 19 years.  We now offer DNA Paternity
testing at a location near you.

We specialize in companies with multiple locations across the nation.

Drug test performed in SAMSHA/DHHS Certified Laboratories

Provide same day negative drug screen reports

Provides longer detection times for drugs of abuse

  • Alcohol Test

Urine, Saliva and EBT available in most locations

Legal testing performed in AABB Certified Laboratory

Test in the privacy of your own home (for personal knowledge only)

  • Random Selections

Computer generated random selection services for employee drug test programs

  • DOT/TDLR Consortium

Random selection pool in compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT)
and Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR)
Urine samples for drug screening are collected in accordance with Title 49 Code of
Federal Regulation Part 40.
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